September 2018

Finding Bob has proved to be the best thing I could ever have done for my daughter. For years we had felt that the numerous professionals involved in her care (including teachers, educational psychologists, doctors, therapists and a psychiatrist) had failed to identify the underlying cause of her many difficulties. These included language delay, vision issues, problems with processing and working memory, sensory issues and extreme anxiety. These difficulties had led to low levels of confidence and self-esteem making her extremely vulnerable and at secondary school she became the victim of bullying. Ultimately, this culminated in self-harm and a serious eating disorder requiring hospitalisation.  

We first saw Bob shortly after our daughter’s discharge from hospital and he diagnosed her with a severe developmental delay and a host of retained primitive reflexes. Soon after starting Bob’s programme we started to see significant changes : she became more curious about the world, her learning difficulties lessened, her confidence and self-esteem increased and she started to believe in herself for the first time in her life. This had a positive impact on her friendships and social life and we saw her blossom into a chatty and happy teenager with a zest for life.  After a few months her self-harming stopped and contrary to everyone’s expectations , she made a full recovery from anorexia. Words are not enough to describe our heartfelt gratitude to Bob for enabling this to happen!

September 2018

Both my boys have benefitted hugely from Bob’s knowledge and understanding. His patience and expert insight have made such a profound difference to family life and how my boys experience life. When we were first recommended to Bob we had no idea what was going on and daily life had become very distressing as we puzzled over just what was “wrong”. It was Bob who helped us see exactly what was troubling our eldest son and what we could do to help him navigate him through to a happier calmer place. He really has been instrumental in helping both boys’ bodies respond better and their awareness and confidence has soared as a result.

We are very grateful for his natural ability and talent for letting our boys be themselves and absolutely blossom under his guidance.

September 2018

I am so grateful to Bob and how he has helped me. Coming to see him was the best decision me and my Mum ever made and I would always look forward to my sessions with Bob as he is so kind and always made us smile which made the sessions very enjoyable.. I can always remember that after the first ever session with Bob that I knew that I would definitely get better and be okay, and that made me so very happy. Now I am way more than okay and very very happy.

There aren’t enough words to explain how thankful I am for Bob and everything he does.

September 2018

When we first came to see Bob in May 2017 my daughter (13 yrs) had been suffering intrusive thoughts and worries since the age of 3-4 yrs old. As she grew in age the thoughts became more alarming and intrusive, resulting in her becoming highly anxious also. At this point she was very low and asking me to help her and constantly seeking my reassurance on every detail in her life.

Within the first few weeks of starting the programme with Bob, we all saw a huge difference in our daughter, it was like a cloud had lifted and we could manage it and see an end to it. There were still bad spells but these did not last and we stuck with it. Now we are nearing the end and we have a much happier, stronger child who does not have to live with those thoughts any longer. I have recommended Bob to a few people who have also had great results.

I am so grateful I came to find out about Bob (from a friend who was also using him for her daughter) . I honestly don’t know where we would be now without him.

We have over the years tried several avenues of help/therapy and none of these helped.

My advice to anyone would be to stick with the programme, it’s not a quick fix but it works and is long term.

Also from the very first time we met Bob he put us both at ease instantly. I remember the absolute relief that someone finally got what we were going through. Even after our first meeting my daughter felt so happy from Bob’s words of support to her.

I honestly can’t thank Bob enough, I feel he has saved us.

September 2018

My son is in the process of following Bob’s programme. In the 10 months we have been seeing him, our 11 year old has come on really well. He has developed some great positive friendships, has improved academically and as a child that was diagnosed with ADHD in 2014 we have nearly been 1 month without medication – our son is finding himself now! Our journey is not over and we are excited to see more pieces of the puzzle come together over the coming months.

Thanks Bob for the work you do – and I hope that your passion in what you do spreads like wildfire. There are so many children out there that could do with this type of therapy.

July 2018

My daughter (14) has been seeing Bob for just over a year as she was suffering with anxiety. As others note, it’s not a quick fix but there are definite improvements. We don’t know how it works, it just does. Alternatives of medication and counselling didn’t help at all. Bob’s methods do really work and we look forward to getting to the end of this journey with a happier, less anxious daughter.

July 2018

I brought my son to see Bob when he was 6 years old and he used to say that he “hated writing”. He has just turned 8 ( last week) and now he loves writing so much. His school report was really lovely. He has grown in confidence and is able to stand up for himself when he needs to. He now loves playing football and is becoming a skilful midfielder. Thank you Bob!

July 2018

Both my children (9,7 years old ) are making great progress! Sports day was actually fun this year! The boys are learning to deal with their emotions better and holding themselves with more confidence. Thank you Bob!

July 2018

In only a few weeks I have noticed that my four year old son is making progress. His voice is starting to mature and his writing at school has now become legible. Thank you for taking us on this exciting developmental journey.

July 2018

My son has been visiting Bob for 12 months and is almost at the end of his exercises. In the last 6 months he is happier and more at ease; I would describe him as having grown into his skin. I have always been proud of him and hope this will only grow as I see his confidence and maturity develop. I am so grateful that we discovered Bob.

September 2016

We cannot thank Bob enough for all that he’s done for our now ten year old daughter. When we first took her to see Bob eighteen months ago she had been diagnosed with dyslexia, dyspraxia and auditory processing issues and was finding school work a challenge. She also had incredibly low self esteem and was an anxious little girl with very little confidence. 

During the time she was seeing Bob we were astounded to watch a transformation happen before our eyes. Within only a few weeks of beginning the therapy her poor and untidy handwriting began to dramatically improve and then the rest of her school work followed suit. Within a few months her school teachers had begun to comment on the incredible progress she was making. She also began to ‘come out of her shell’ and believe in herself and friends who knew nothing of the therapy she was undertaking commented on her improved confidence and how much she had ‘grown up’.

There were so very many positive changes that it is impossible to mention every single one, however, to best sum it all up, our daughter seemed to just mature before our eyes and we were delighted to see her become a confident and happy child, popular with her peers and achieving academic standards in line with her age group and, in some areas, beyond. 

We feel so lucky to have found Bob and are so grateful to him for everything he did for us and our daughter.