The Treatment Programme

non-invasive, drug-free

We offer a non-invasive, drug-free ‘neural stimulation programme’ which is aimed at eliminating the underlying causes of developmental delay, rather than treat its symptoms.

Our programme consists of a combination of tactile skin stimulation and physical exercises, and is designed to mature the central nervous system by inhibiting retained primitive reflexes and allowing adult responses to come to the fore. This gives the central nervous system a second chance to develop, starting at the point where development was interrupted.

The programme is specially adapted to meet the needs and profile of the individual concerned.  In some cases, a sound programme ( the ‘ Johansen ’ sound therapy programme) may also be recommended.

The programme seeks to copy or mimic the stimuli and movements that should have taken place naturally. As babies develop initially through touch (first trimester) and thereafter through movement, we have found the combination of tactile skin stimulation and physical exercises to be very effective at simulating  and restarting normal development of the central nervous system.

In our experience, the therapy programme has the effect not only of inhibiting the primitive reflexes and maturing the central nervous system but also aids the development of autonomy and a stronger sense of  ‘self ’ and leads to greater confidence and self-awareness. These are essential to bringing to maturity an immature psyche (which often goes hand-in hand with developmental delay ) and enables the child or adult  to realise their true potential and blossom into the person they were born to be.

The programme is done at home and needs to be performed once or twice a day by a parent, partner or self and takes between  3-10 minutes per session. Follow-up visits take place every 6-8 weeks, to check on progress and adapt  the programme, as necessary.  Duration of treatment is usually 12 months according to the individual’s profile, after which a 3-month break is put in place to assess how the “newly developed ” central nervous system is functioning . Following this break, some additional skin stimulation and /or exercises may be recommended.

The therapy can be carried out at any age – it is never too late to restart development of the central nervous system and we treat many adults. This is because the brain is ‘neuroplastic’, meaning that it has the ability to change during an individual’s lifetime . By removing the barriers that have prevented it from developing neuro-typically in the first place , we are giving the brain a second chance to do so.